Avoid the Cost and Time Drain of Data Management 

When making any purchasing decision on any service most people weigh how much it costs and the time commitment. Almost like a see-saw, often the more expensive solutions save you a lot of time. Cheaper services are usually less convenient and require more work on your end.

With data management, you are typically running into an issue with both cost and time.    

The more data you need to store, the more expensive it usually is. Then you also often have to deal with hidden costs.

Many cloud storage providers will get you to join their service by offering a small amount of storage and then pyramid up the amount they charge as you store more. While a viable solution for some businesses, for others, every dollar saved matters

Timewise even if you aren’t manually backing up data you or someone in an administrative role may be spending time organizing documents and other files.

Organizing your photos can be a tedious task and most people left to their own devices will just save them in a generic photos folder. The issue with that is trying to find those saved pictures later. We realized there was a better way than spending a half hour looking to retrieve a photo when you are unsure of the file name.      

Pruvan Downloader organizes all your files automatically and routes them to the storage location of your choice (hard drive, cloud storage, etc.). Photos, videos, and mobile forms can all be auto-organized by date, project, address, or any other option using the Pruvan Downloader. 

And for cloud data storage we don’t charge any hidden recurring fees once you hit a certain amount of data. Backup all content you create on Pruvan including forms, videos, and photos on our cloud storage for free. Some of the largest companies in the world use our cloud provider, Amazon Web Services for their storage needs.    

Learn more about our free cloud storage including syncing files.