Why Inspection Companies Should Be Recording Videos

Anytime a photo can’t properly convey an issue to clients, our home inspection customers are turning to video. And as video becomes increasingly popular online we’re seeing more inspection companies adopt it on the field.   

Leveraging Video in Home Inspections

Sure, the strengths of video may seem clear, but once you really start to think about the different places you can use it you’ll see why our customers use it as part of the Pruvan app. 

Consider what problems you see weekly visiting homes you can’t show through a still photo. 

Think about a leaking pipe and the flow of water. A photo can’t convey how fast water is gushing out. Or if a fence makes an audible noise, you could instead use video to record the squeak. 

Other potential scenarios where video can be particularly handy include:   

  • Bug infestations
  • Gutter system issues
  • Overheating water heater
  • Sink drainage or flushing toilet problems

Drive-by Inspections

Some of our customers leverage video within the Pruvan app for homes under foreclosure. Discretion is key here with a drive-by inspection. And with a drive-by inspection, you have much less time to complete it, so you need to gather everything much faster.   

Features Native to Video and Pruvan App

But what if your client also wants photos? 

The good thing about video is you don’t have to worry about shooting the perfect photo. You can always go back and grab stills from a recorded video using software like DVDVideoSoft or QuickTime.

Shooting a 20-second video will give you roughly 500 photos.   

Many companies hiring inspectors require a 480 by 680 pixels format for media which Pruvan’s mobile app satisfies. Our inspection app also lets you track crew’s progress on the field.

As they arrive for a project, they can easily check off items from our mobile app and record both photo and video.   

Learn more about Pruvan’s inspection app here.