How to Sell Your Boss on Integrating a Mobile App Partner

As you look to make a business case for integrating with a mobile app partner, you have to build buy-in. And not just from your boss.

Advocates within your organization and customers can help push the goal forward.

Position a mobile app as the solution to better serve your customers. Or if there are more specific business objectives, tie it back into those initiatives.

Next, you can provide an analysis of using a mobile app partner versus building an app in-house. Discussing the benefits of working with a mobile app partner includes:

Quicker Results

In building a development team in-house, you’ll need to make important hires starting with potential development department heads. And if no one currently in your company has a technical background, you may be dependent on recruiters to source the best candidates for project management and programming of your app. Make a mistake on that hire, and it’ll come back to haunt you in everything from the development team’s culture to the app’s quality.

More Cost-Effective

Working with a mobile app partner, you don’t just drop apparent expenses like salaries, new employee benefits, and recruiting costs; you aren’t paying for maintenance, updates, and software planning.

Working With Proven Performers

Even if you can accurately assess technical candidates, their experience may not necessarily translate well to your industry needs. By using a mobile app partner, you can potentially have enterprise software that’s already been successfully tested and implemented in your industry. 

Your mobile app partner should be able to share with you examples of similar companies who benefited from using their software.

Won’t Have To Worry About App Maintenance

You also don’t have to worry about working out potential kinks with the rollout of new software. If there are any bugs, the ball is in your app partner’s court, and your customers will be less far less likely to sour on you or your team as they fix any app issues.

In discussing using a mobile app partner with your boss, incorporate their feedback if it’s feasible. Ensure your boss is part of the selection process for a mobile app partner as much as they desire and address their concerns.