How to Improve Workflow With a Mobile App

Out on the field, having your team members or contractors use a mobile app can cut down on time spent on projects. Our clients have found value not only away as they complete assignments outside of the office; it’s beneficial to their overall workflow.

At the core of your workflow are multiple business processes you can potentially automate. Mobile apps can provide less time-consuming solutions for:

Recurring Tasks

Apps can either cut down the amount of time or completely automate repetitive tasks. Through apps, human error can also be less as software can notify users when information is incomplete or invalid.

Easier Document Storage & Management

Fortunately, long gone are the days of faxing documents. With a mobile app, documents can be securely stored, retrieved, and sent. It’s also easy to send out templated documents requiring signatures and minimal data entry. Each document can also be synced to our company’s cloud or other storage devices.

Reporting on Remote Completed Work

Our customers use Pruvan to have verifiable completion of assignments for home improvement projects, property management, and preservation. A mobile app can give you a single system for gathering any information you require from team members working remotely.

Everything from assigning tasks to tracking the status you can monitor from anywhere.

Provide Visibility to Your Customers

Not only can a mobile app provide your team on the field visibility, your clients appreciate how easy it is to check how a project is going. Using Pruvan Mobile, team members have visual proof and documentation they can quickly send to clients, so they rest assured.

This kind of transparency and level of customer service can be a key differentiator in a crowded market.

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