Using Property Pres Wizard with Pruvan Just Got Even Better

Pruvan and Property Pres Wizard are excited to announce that our enhanced integration is available now!

Work providers and vendors who use PPW’s work order management system will now have the following capabilities through this upgraded integration with Pruvan:

– Auto-import Work Orders that are sent to the field
– Populate Project Instructions from Work Order line items
– Auto-close Work Orders that are marked “Ready for Office”
– Auto-relay photos to PPW
– Auto-flag photos in PPW
– Create dynamic bids
– Migrate PPW Property Condition Reports (PCRs) to Pruvan Surveys
– Auto-fill PPW PCRs with information from Pruvan Surveys

These upgrades will get more work done faster!


If your work provider uses PPW, to get set up with the enhanced PPW driver, read our instructions or contact support. Start using Property Pres Wizard’s work order management software by signing up for a risk-free, free trial.

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