How Businesses Can Use Mobile Apps as a Sales Tool

In a crowded marketplace, it can sometimes feel like you are throwing a pebble into the middle of the ocean.

As a business you need to close more leads, but before you can do that you need to be able to make a distinction between you and other companies. Then you need to establish trust and credibility.

Using a mobile app as a sales tool, you can potentially accomplish both of these goals.

​Setting Your Business Apart

In especially competitive industries, including how you make partnering with new clients easier using a mobile app can be a key differentiator.

​Depending on the services you provide, many of the companies are very established. And unfortunately, use dated business processes that don’t always serve their customers first. A mobile app that you can show makes their lives easier potentially will help peak their interest.

​Building Trust

If you are using Pruvan, you can educate your clients on its key features that are most relevant to them. ​

For Pruvan Mobile, the major things your clients would be interested in are the verification of work completed. Each photo and video taken either by your team or contractors you work with using the app is tagged with their location using a mobile phone’s location services. This certifies work was done at the exact place intended.

​Plus people working out in the field can send these in real time to anyone working within an office so that the number of return visits to a property site is low as possible.

​If you ever need to go back and reference any photos or videos, they can be automatically synced with a hard drive or stored in the cloud.

Reducing Liability

​Another big selling point is where you can diminish potential liability. With Pruvan, you have onsite background check support so that contractors working are already screened and compliant as some of your clients may already require.